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Classic Ink is an innovative, custom tattoo shop in the industry since 2008, recently named Best Tattoo Shop in Bradenton by the Bradenton Herald in 2022 and 2023. Founded by Brandon Sommers, he has surrounded himself with some of the best talent to provide different artistic styles that exceed in quality and sterilization practices. Classic Ink artists are award-winning tattoo artists constantly working on their craft to bring new and improved concepts into the tattoo realm. 

In 2015, Classic Ink joined forces with Tytan Comics to take the idea of what a tattoo shop is and bring it to the next level. Classic Ink has always been known for top quality, custom tattoos, and original artwork, and now it provides a full line of vintage and new comics. Classic Ink and Tytan Comics are recognized as the first tattoo/comic shop in the Bay Area with an ever-growing inventory and new comics out every Wednesday. 

In 2018, Classic Ink branched out again to offer laser tattoo removal! Partnering with the best laser tattoo removal company in the business, it has added yet another reason to make Classic Ink and Tytan Comics your one stop shop for everything tattoo related and nerdy. 

In 2021, Classic Ink & Tytan Comics welcomed the Oxford Barbershop & Skate Shop into the family, right in downtown Bradenton. 

In 2022, Brandon became a licensed Lucas Films Tattoo Artist and Licensed CBS Tattoo Artist for his Star Wars and Star Trek Tattoos, respectively. In addition, Brandon has also worked with Warner Bros, DC Comics, and AMC through the Walking Dead. 

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