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The Astanza Duality is one of the most recognizable lasers in the tattoo removal industry. Classic Ink has chosen the Astanza Duality because of its ultra-short (6000 picosecond) pulse duration combined with high pulse energy. These features create strong peak power and photo-acoustic waves for optimal ink fracturing and fast ink clearance.

The strong peak power of the Astanza Duality allows for maximum transference of energy, allowing our laser technicians to reach extreme levels of power for efficient ink removal. The Duality offers effective results beyond the first few treatments and can progressively remove new layers of stubborn ink during the later stages of the removal process.


All Skin Colors Treated by the Astanza Duality

Another reason why Classic Ink has invested in the Astanza Duality is its ability to safely remove tattoos from all skin colors. Skin type is an essential factor in determining the success of a laser tattoo removal treatment that is often overlooked.

The laser tattoo removal specialists at Classic Ink have received extensive training from the staff at New Look Laser College on the specific protocols that must be used for certain skin types to ensure safe treatment, effective results, and minimized risks of side effects.

Laser Pulse Width

Furthermore, our Duality laser delivers high energy with a large 5 x 5 mm flat top homogenized square spot beam. This large spot size treats more amounts of ink than competitor lasers, minimizes light scattering for safer energy application, and evenly distributes light energy for reduced risk of unwanted side effects.

To receive the best tattoo removal treatments throughout Bradenton, Palmetto, Ellenton, Parrish Sarasota and beyond, call our studio today to schedule a free consultation!

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