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Clean. Custom. Classic. 

Clean. Custom. Classic. That's our motto. Tattoos and piercings are procedures that break the skin and require healing and care. Your new tattoo needs appropriate care and treatment during the first few days or weeks to protect your investment. Piercings can require daily care from a few months to almost one year. Not taking care of your fresh tattoo can lead to complications such as damaged, dry skin which will affect the appearance of your tattoo, or worse, infection. Not taking care of your piercing can lead to irritations, migrations, or infection. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure your tattoo or piercing heals beautifully! Keep it clean!


What to Expect

Tegaderm Bandage Aftercare 

Traditional Aftercare

The Do's and Don'ts


What to Expect

Healing Times

Cleaning Your Piercing

The Do's and Don'ts

Infected Piercings

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