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Laser tattoo removal is a process that usually takes several treatments to achieve desired results. Due to the various sizes, colors, skin types, and ages of tattoos, it’s difficult to predict how many treatments will be needed without properly assessing a tattoo in person.  However, our pricing scale is easy to figure out, and we've done our research to assure you that we have the best pricing in the area. 


The number of treatments your tattoo will need is the most significant variable in determining the cost of removing or fading your specific tattoo. Factors that go into the pricing of laser tattoo removal at Classic Ink Tattoo Removal include the size of your tattoo and the number of treatments that are expected to achieve your desired look. Classic Ink Tattoo Removal pricing is assigned PER treatment.


Laser Pricing at Classic Ink Tattoo Studio


We also offer package discounts for tattoos that require multiple treatments to reach desired results.   Packages must be paid upfront and in full, and will help you save more overall.

  • PACKAGE OF 4 SESSIONS - includes 4 laser removal sessions  20% OFF

  • PACKAGE OF 8 SESSIONS - includes 8 laser removal sessions  25% OFF

  • ONE LOVE PACKAGE- includes 4 laser removal sessions 25% OFF to be used to remove words and symbols of hate.  

  • COVER-UP PACKAGE-  includes 2-3 laser sessions to fade your tattoo enough to be covered by one of our in house tattoo artists.   20% OFF

  • ONE TATTOO COMMUNITY PACKAGE - includes 2-3 laser sessions to fade your tattoo enough to be covered by another LICENSED tattoo artist at another studio in the area.   10% OFF

    • NOTE: We know and respect tattoo artists in the area and have no problem calling to verifying a deposit.

    • Proof of deposit must be made prior to receiving this laser tattoo removal package.  Artist(s) can email, message, and/or call studio to confirm.

  • SPECIAL TATTOO ARTIST PACKAGE - we all have them. Whether from growing pains in the industry or you offered up some skin for apprentices' that didn't quite reach the bar, we can help. 40% OFF individual sessions - must be a licensed professional tattoo artists working in a studio.  

​Contact us for a free consultation to get started removing or fading your unwanted tattoo!

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