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Brandon Sommers

Owner/ Artist


Preferred Style:

Pop Culture influenced character portraits, video games, anime, cartoon, comic book and Pokemon in color realism, black and grey realism, neotraditional, and illustrative.

Tattooing Since:


Schedule- 12pm-6pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

A Bit About Me

Brandon Sommers is an exceptional tattoo artist and owner of Classic Ink Tattoo Studio, renowned for his expertise in creating stunning pop culture portraits. From iconic movie characters to beloved super heroes, his attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of these beloved characters has granted him the title of Licensed Tattoo Artist for film powerhouse companies such as LucasFilms, CBS, WB, DC Comics, and more. 

When not at Classic Ink, Brandon can be found traveling the world tattooing at comic conventions with Ink Fusion Empire, bringing fans of pop culture to the dark side of tattoos.  If you're looking for a tattoo that truly reflects your love for pop culture to life though a tattoo, Brandon is the artist you can trust to deliver an exceptional and unforgettable piece of art. 


Mandalorian and Grogu Realism Tattoo
Obi Wan Star Wars Realism Tattoo
Jason Vorhees Realism Tattoo

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